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Collagen Induction Therapy

Exceed medical micro-needling device first to receive FDA clearance for the treatment of  wrinkles and acne scarring!


Collagen Induction Therapy Package - a highly effective skin rejuvenation technique that actively addresses the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring while increasing the natural collagen formation and improving skin texture and pore size.  Studio Eleven use the ameia med EXCEED - a world first double FDA automated class II microneedling device that has been medically proven to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, skin laxity, scarring and uneven skin texture. Safe and effective treatment sessions obtain powerful results within a short procedure time.


For optimum results I suggest you book in for a post CIT Facial to be carried out 3 - 5 days following treatment.  If you book in at the time of your CIT, this package includes 1 hour microneedling appointment & 1 hour post treatment facial.





How does Mirconeedling work?

Using the EXCEED to trigger growth factors for building new collagen, controlled micro-channels are created in the skin which instigate regeneration of skin cells via a natural process of healing. Awakening the fibroblasts that lie within the deeper layers of the skin, you will naturally produce new, healthy collagen. The gentle stimulus provided by medical microneedling is considered far more effective than many other more invasive and expensive skincare treatments. It is a quick and easy technique with little downtime. After a course of treatments your skin is visibly revitalised, rejuvenated, replenished and regenerated. 

What does the treatment involve?

Before the microneedling treatment, the face is thoroughly cleansed and prepared.  The process itself is nearly painless: the needles only penetrate the top layer of the skin plus the speed and depth of penetration is adjusted based on your level of comfort, ensuring a great experience plus optimal results. Immediately after your treatment there will be visible redness on the treatment area which can be easily covered post treatment. Most inflammation will have disappeared one day after the procedure. A nourishing mask is applied for 15 mins to aid with hydration and healing (this is a take home mask that you can use throughout the day). While you must avoid direct sunlight in the first days post microneedling treatment, it is possible to go back to work immediately. The EXCEED safety cartridge system is the global first to guarantee a 100% sterile package.  Your safety and results are my priority!

How often should I have a microneedling treatment? 

This is very client specific, such that your skin type and condition will indicate your number and frequency of treatments as determined after your skin analysis consultation. In general, most clients undergo 3 - 6 treatments at intervals of four to eight weeks. Following this, a maintenance plan will then be created to sustain your results.

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