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Curated Facial Treatments

I do not have a long list of facial treatments, instead, curating the facial that your skin needs. This gives me the opportunity to create a host of treatment combinations for a bespoke facial with endless possibilities to produce the healthiest skin possible.   All my facial treatments are customised to your skin's individual requirements, using the dermaviduals range of skincare.  Free of emulsifiers, preservatives, parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, the products are formed with a unique base called Derma Membrane System (DMS) which mimics your natural skin formation.   

Level 1 - The Bespoke Facial

Created for clients new to the clinic or who are short on time. Focusing on transforming your skin. I assess how your skin is functioning and customise to your individual requirements, working to create cellular changes. With more at my fingertips, I tailor a treatment that will leave your skin renewed and your mind and body feeling completely refreshed.


The Bespoke facial is ideal for all skin types and conditions, including congestion, acne, Lipid dry skin, rosacea and skin prone to sensitivities (red, itchy and flaking). The facial includes cleanse, enzyme treatment, targeted actives, lymphatic massage, mask and a decolletage, shoulder and head massage, followed by selected serums, eye cream and moisturiser.  


60 MINS $120

Enzyme Mask Holly.jpg

Level 2 - The Derma Deluxe

The crème de la crème of facials and hands down my most popular facial!  This is where I build in LED light therapy, electroporation and microcurrent, combined with advanced ingredients to create significant changes in your skin. With multiple serum infusions, the opportunities to target your specific skin concerns are endless, focusing on active ingredient delivery for maximum cellular hydration, detoxification and intensive skin rejuvenation, incorporating a relaxing facial, decolletage and head massage!


With time to really relax and unwind in the care of expert, pampering hands, this is the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience! This one will have you blissfully relaxed, and floating out the door with gorgeous glowing skin!


90 MINS $180

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