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I chose Prologic because it is a Progressive and Sustainable,
Advanced Skin Care Range


More than just a skincare range, Prologic has been professionally formulated without harsh or unnecessary additives to ensure that every ingredient has a direct affect on the skin’s cells.







Strongly influenced by current research into corneobiology and by applying the corneotherapeutic principles of repairing and maintaining the skins natural barrier function, Prologic Advanced Innovative Skincare Technology was born. Prologic ticks the boxes that so many can't. A NZ owned, operated and manufactured skin care range, that is also vegan friendly, natural and places sustainability and ethical processes at the top of it's core values.

Working on strengthening the skin barrier defence system and balancing epidermal lipids, Prologic focuses on building strong foundations first, then slowly targeting specific skin concerns.

By using ingredients that imitate the processes found in young healthy skin, Prologic delivers optimal results using natural skin identical ingredients to preserve the epidermis and the skin barrier defence system.

Preserving the epidermis means protecting and strengthening the skins most important cells resulting in strong,
healthy and glowing skin.

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Prologic Advanced Skincare is a Therapist only range - where a skin consultation is required to ensure the correct products are prescribed for your skin type and condition. 

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Sustainability and Ethics

Being a conscious and progressive brand, a lot of thought has gone into how Prologic was created and it’s positive impact on the NZ economy, while having minimal impact on the environment.


NZ Made

Prologic are proudly NZ owned, operated and manufactured. It was really important to their brand to support local businesses and have a very strong NZ story. Using local NZ businesses to source all of their packaging, printing of labels and boxes, do all of their design work and most importantly manufacture their product. 


Prologic aspire to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible. They are proud to have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation for their boxes and labels, this means they come from a sustainable and fair trade source. Ink used in printing the packaging is plant based, containing no chemical toxins or poisons. 
All packaging and bottles are 100% recyclable and consists of aluminum, glass and recyclable plastic. 
All of the Prologic formulations are created with both the skin and environment in mind, all ingredients are eco-friendly and do not have a negative impact on the microbiome of the skin or the environment. 


Prologic prides itself on ethical processes, a 100% vegan skin care product that stands behind absolutely no animal testing.  They work with suppliers that also believe in being ethical companies. Doing the best by their brand, business, staff and customers.


I love the skin philosophy and ethics of Prologic -  formulating biological and physiological friendly skin care that is made in NZ for Southern Hemisphere Skins, while directly supporting the NZ economy!

Formulated with skin loving ingredients and actives to ensure that the products get the results while protecting the skins barrier functions. 

No Nasties

No preservatives, mineral oil,

fragrance, cheap fillers, emulsifiers,colours

parabens, SLS's, Palm Oil, Polyethylene glycol, EDTA's, Silicones or Propylene Glycol

Prologic contains everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn't!

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