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Sculptural Buccal Massage Facial

The Sculptural Buccal Technique™ is like a strength and conditioning workout for the face resulting in vibrant skin with diminished facial lines, plumped to perfection.

The facial massage of choice by celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightly, it is also known as the intra-oral massage – a massaging technique that is performed outside of your mouth, cheeks and entire face, but also inside your mouth (massaging the internal muscles) how cool is that!


The Sculptural Buccal Facial Massage boosts circulation, aids with lymphatic drainage and relieves tension & stress in muscle tissue by strengthening & softening muscle fibres.


The technique involves lifting and manipulating the facial muscles and bones, has a toning and stimulating effect, and creating more lifted and defined facial contours.


Experience a total anti-aging facial workout - Designed to tone, sculpt and redefine the face.

Deep high-touch massage movements using pressure point and lymphatic drainage to sculpt, define, and enhance the facial contours, cheekbones and jawline using firm, gua sha-like massage.

Facial muscles are then manipulated by massaging deep inside the cheek and jaw area.


This high - touch Buccal Massage will boost collagen, sculpt, contour and tone facial muscles.

60 MINS $145

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