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A little bit about Microcurrent...

It’s like a little workout for your face!


Using the latest in microcurrent technology from the USA, the face sculpting procedure is an effective anti-ageing treatment without invasive lasers or surgery. 



Often termed "The Lunchtime Face Lift", it stimulates the body’s own natural bio-electrical impulses that target the skin and 30 different facial muscles, encouraging the muscle and tissue production of elastin and collagen into a regenerative action.


The result is collagen bundles tighten, stimulating natural cell renewal, helping to visibly smooth the skin while lifting and firming the face and neck muscles; contouring the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving neck and jowls. Results are immediate - Just after one treatment you should notice the muscles tighter and the skin firmer. 

Microcurrent facials are a safe alternative to Botox and fillers, while producing amazing results that are cumulative with each subsequent facial. I incorporate Microcurrent in to The Level Two Derma Deluxe Facial.


Microcurrent esthetics procedure. Beauty
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