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NZ Most Promising Therapist of the Year 2021

Awarded by

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Finalist - Corneotherapist of the Year 2022
Runner Up - dermaviduals Australasia (Skin Barrier Disorder Results 2021)
Finalist - OBSERV (NZ Conference) Before & After Results (2021)
dermaviduals Australasia Clinic of the Month (Oct 2020)

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Are you ready for glowing, healthy skin?

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Welcome to Studio Eleven

Owned and operated by Award Winning Therapist - Kate Hudson, Studio Eleven Skin Clinic takes a holistic approach to your skin, meaning that Kate addresses the 'why' to create the 'how', assessing the reasons your skin is not radiating at its absolute best!  


By learning the cause of your skin’s condition, tailored bespoke treatments are curated that are unique to you and your skin, transforming skin issues to healthy glowing complexions through bio-compatible skin care products and signature facials.

Kate's personalised care and professional expertise along with a warm, cosy and private atmosphere is everything you need on your journey to glowing healthy skin.

Mon - Tue 9.00am - 8.30pm

Wed - Thurs 9.00am - 5.00pm

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Your curated skin journey starts here

I Do Skin Differently

I have always had a passion for helping people achieve their best.  After a successful career as a business psychologist, I decided to combine this enthusiasm with my interest in skin therapy and embarked on a journey in this field.  As a qualified skin therapist I am also a member of the International Association of Applied Corneotherapy, adhering to this remedial skin treatment methodology.


With a desire to constantly learn, I studied gut health and the relationship to skin, which I have adopted as my ethos in the clinic, gaining a certificate in Nutritional Skin Health.  

Unfortunately, clients in most instances are sold industry "one-size-fits-all" hype. I believe that Studio Eleven can make a huge difference in your skin health and appearance just by choosing customised and correct skin care. For me, it is about treating my clients from the inside and out, both from a nutritional perspective (the gut as the second brain), the skin, which I believe is the window to our health, as well as the mind. When we feel good about ourselves, it positively affects all aspects of our lives.

Partnering with Corneotherapeutic skincare brands, dermaviduals & Prologic, and the latest in advanced skin technology, I tailor skincare treatments and products specific to your skins needs, creating a bespoke skincare experience, while providing gut-health and skin loving nutraceutical support with the Bestow Beauty range of products.

Kate Hudson


Bachelor of Arts - Business Psychology

Diploma in Beauty Therapy

City & Guilds Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Certification in Advanced Skin Analysis

Certificate in Oncology Aesthetics

Certificate in Nutritional Skin Care

Certificate in Exceed Microneedling

Diploma in dermaviduals (Use & Prescription)

Kind Words

Kate at Studio Eleven, provides the height of a beautiful experience. An intimate space, that invites you to relax and enjoy every sweeping movement across your skin with the most amazing products.  She transforms me into a relaxed peaceful woman that is doing something healthy for me inside and out!




I cannot imagine having to find another skin therapist, Kate has it all, passion, empathy and is just damn good at what she does. She genuinely cares about me inside and out and the way in which she focuses on the skin is brilliant; we focus mainly on the face, but Kate is always interested in what is happening to the rest of my body. I first saw Kate after I had two kids and was ready to get back into work full time. My skin and body were pretty tired, and I needed to give back to myself, notably my skin. Kate quickly got to work, whipped me up a plan. We got straight into it; within 3 months we both visibly saw results. For me it was really unexpected, I thought my skin regeneration was going to take so much more time to see superficial results. We are now 9 months down the track, the pigmentation in my skin is so much more even, my forehead lines are nowhere near as thick or pronounced. I go to work with only a light BB cream on now and feel so confident. I couldn’t speak more highly of Kate, not only is she great at her job, she goes the extra mile. Beautiful skin starts with Kate



Studio Eleven has been a godsend to me. After suffering from rosacea and sensitive skin since my teens, Kate has tailored a range of treatments and products that have calmed my skin and have made such a difference that I have even gone out with no makeup. For me that is something I haven’t had the confidence to do since my early teens. (I’m now 53). My treatments are a highlight of my month. I come away feeling totally relaxed, with my skin feeling and looking the best it’s ever been. Kate is passionate about the products and is constantly adjusting to ensure I get the best outcome for my skin and overall health. I can’t thank Kate enough for the huge improvement I have seen since jumping on board


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