These super soft cloths should be a non-negotiable in your skin care routine!  


Did you know that the skin can only hold hydration for a maximum of 12 hours? And... given the good old NZ climate, where there is a lack of humidity, our little cells need water even more.  You would think that drinking more water would help, right? Well our integumentary system (skin system) only gets approximately 13% of the water you consume.


So how do you get your skin back to feeling great? Well, the best way of making sure your skin has the precious moisture it needs is by doing a simple little routine morning and night. I call this the skin soaking ritual and it’s something I absolutely abide by.  I find it’s one of the most effective ways of keeping your skin looking radiant, plump and beautiful...and it's easy, like really easy!


And here is how:


Step 1

Fill a basin with tepid water (think baby bath temperature)


Step 2

Wet your cloth in the water and wring out just enough so that it doesn't drip all over you.


Step 3

Hold the wet cloth against your face and press lightly - take 5 slow, deep breaths in and out. 


(Repeat steps 1 - 3 approx. 3 times)


The facial soaking ritual is amazing for adding moisuture (AKA hydration) back in to your epidermal layers. 

Soaking Cloths - Box Set (set of 2)

  • 100% Organic Cotton Muslin

  • Wash your cloth in a warm or cold, gentle/delicate cycle to help the fabric maintain its suppleness.

    Never use hot water for regular washing, because it can cause the fabric to shrink.