The smooth & polished texture is gentle on your skin while helping to reduce the appearance of inflammation, puffiness & dark circles, easing stress in the facial muscles and assisting with stimulating circulation & relieving congestion. These little beauties are great meditation & relaxation tools too!


Place the rose or amethyst quartz eye mask over your eyes while lying in a comfortable position. For some extra punch, apply your eye cream beforehand. Practice inhaling to the count of four and exhale deeply and slowly to the count of 8, to release tension and focus on positive aspects of your life. Stay in this mindset for at least 20 minutes.


TIP: Store your eye mask in the fridge before use. Turn the rose quartz eye mask upside down and place over the jaw area to sooth tension and stimulate blood flow. This will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines in this area.

Quartz Eye Mask (amethyst or rose)